This post comes to us courtesy of Maggie Mistal, career consultant, executive coach, and speaker, dubbed by CNN as one of nation's best known career coaches . Maggie is also co-hosting a groundbreaking Career Exploration and Soul Search retreat with Venture with Impact in Lisbon this summer.

Retreats are becoming more and more popular as vacationers look to grow and develop themselves both personally and professionally. As Seneca said, "Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."

The physical change in location can facilitate an internal change in perspective. I know when I travel, I'm always more open to things. This can be especially helpful when contemplating a career shift and is why career exploration retreats can be particularly beneficial.

  1. For starters, you get out of your regular daily grind, out of your comfort zone, your senses are heightened in a new city and this helps open you up to thinking about your career (and what's possible) in new ways.

  2. Another benefit of a retreat is that you can come back from it teed up for success. Choose your retreat wisely and you'll get more than a pep talk and a few great Instagram posts from your vacation. Real actionable steps and plans are the result of well-designed professional development retreats.

  3. And in making any kind of change, one of the most important things is having a support group. On a career exploration retreat, you'll be with like-minded people who also have taken the plunge to look at career in a new way. You are not alone. You are each other's best support both during and after the retreat especially if a reunion call or meet up is part of the retreat's itinerary.

Anyone at any stage can benefit from a career exploration retreat but for moms returning to work after time time off to raise kids, a retreat can offer a great on-ramp. By taking time out of the regular routine without distractions, they can focus on leveraging their experiences and defining best fit career possibilities for this new chapter of their lives.

For those looking to rediscover their purpose in retirement, a retreat can also offer the perfect avenue for contemplation. One can enjoy a vibrant city and envision a fulfilling life with activities that speak to their interests. Some retreats also offer opportunities to work in local communities and this type of experience is particularly useful as it can allow participants a chance to see a life ahead full positive impact and a lasting legacy.

Finally careerists who have not yet found their true calling or are having trouble making the transition from backpack to briefcase, a retreat is a fun way to uncover one's true path. With cultural immersion and activities come opportunities to identify likes and dislikes, skills and talents, and areas for growth and development.

One can get to know who they really are through travel coupled with a formal process of Soul Search, Research and Job Search at any age and stage. Physical change can facilitate a positive mental change. Perhaps it's time to consider taking a career exploration retreat. Allow your heart and mind this opportunity to expand and new possibilities can unfold for your life and career.