what is skills-based volunteering?

Skills-based volunteering, also referred to as ‘pro bono’, is a type of volunteering that focused on solving problems using volunteer’s professional skills or expertise. Why is skills based-volunteering important? Taproot Foundation reports that 68% of nonprofits do not have the resources they need to do their work. Through skills-based volunteering, professionals fill this resource gap and support a nonprofits’ operations, strengthening the infrastructure and capacity of the organization.

The Matching Process: We create custom projects for each participant of our programs. The project match is based on the specific skills and interests of each individual as well as the needs of our partner organizations. Our partner organizations have such a wide range of needs that we have never had an issue matching Venturers!

At Venture with Impact we believe that professionals can make the most impact when they give back utilizing their unique skill set. Below are just a few of the fields in which we offer projects.

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Business & Management

Business professional take on the role of pro bono consultants, helping solve organizational challenges. Areas include marketing, project management, business development, public relations, human resources, financial accounting, etc.


Health & Wellness

Qualified medical professionals can work on a variety of projects according to their specialization. Work alongside local professional to implement health initiatives in their field or address mental and physical health needs at a service center.



Teachers, administrators, and academic professionals have the unique opportunity to use their skills to teach both children and adults abroad, train local teachers, and assist in curriculum building for schools and community development organizations.


Creative Industries

Visual Artists, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers, videographers and musicians, etc. can use their skills to help organizations share their message with the world. Creatives can also share their skills in community empowerment workshops. 



Technical and computing skills are in constant demand by nonprofits strapped for digital resources. Coders, web designers, social media gurus, and other tech professionals can help build digital infrastructure and organizational capacity.


Law & Human Rights

Lawyers, activists, and human rights specialist will find themselves at home advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. and at-risk populations. Work with local advocates  on adressing a range of law and human rights issues.

Don't see your profession? Above are just a few examples of how 'Venturers' contribute their skills on a pro bono volunteering project.

Watch the video below to hear stories from a diverse group of skills-based volunteers.

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