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Venture with Impact, Allows Professionals to Work Remotely and Travel with Purpose.


Venture with Impact, an organization that arranges social impact coworking retreats around the world for intrepid professionals, celebrates its expansion and announces custom retreat planning.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 8, 2018 – Ann Davis founded Venture with Impact, LLC (VWI) in 2016 with the mission to rewrite the narrative on remote work, including social impact as a key component. In the process, VWI also aims to expose professionals to new cultures, people, and ideas, so that they may become more informed and empathetic world citizens.

Following the success of multiple skills-based volunteer collaborations and the launch of coworking retreats in Colombia, Thailand, Portugal and Mexico, Venture with Impact is now leveraging its expertise to offer custom retreats to groups and teams and is looking for businesses and organizations interested in partnering to plan retreats.

As evidenced by the rising trend of digital nomadism, or traveling the world while working remotely, many workers are abandoning their cubicles, drawn by a desire to maintain a career while nurturing an adventurous identity. At the same time, voluntourism, or volunteer tourism, is one of the fast-growing segments in the travel industry today. Davis, recognizing these trends, found a way to combine the desires for travel and volunteerism into a unique program that specifically caters to remote professionals, and now the companies they work for.

“I have always had a passion for traveling and volunteering, however I know that fulfilling these passions, while maintaining a full-time professional career is very difficult. This dilemma led to the idea for Venture with Impact,” says Ann Davis.

While some organizations, such as Remote Year, exist to support digital nomads, VWI is the only one of its kind that brings together professionals, provides them with everything they need to work remotely abroad, and offers them the opportunity to connect beyond work and give back to the local communities. Beyond connecting participants with volunteer partners that fit with their interests and schedules, VWI also plans cultural activities and weekend trips, allowing participants to dig deeper into the local culture and create bonds with their fellow ‘Venture Nomads’.

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