Venture with Impact is thrilled to be launching retreats in San Miguel de Allende this coming year. There is so much we love about this magical town in central Mexico! Why is San Miguel so special? Here are the top reasons you need to check it out for yourself:


1.      Perfect Weather – Ready to escape the cold? San Miguel is known for having eternally beautiful weather. With year-round mild temperatures and a super short rainy season, this is the place to be if you thrive on sunshine and blue skies.

2.      Small Town Charm – Tiny cobblestone streets, shady plazas, colorful colonial architecture…shall we go on? Around every corner is a picture-worthy view. No matter where you are from, you will not be able to resist the charm of this beautiful pueblo magico.

3.      Culture Fix – A designated UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008, San Miguel has a calendar bursting with cultural events, holidays, and fairs. It is a rare day in SMA when there are no activities in the central plaza. This is the place everyone in Mexico flocks to for Independence Day. At the beginning of June, Dia de Locos also attracts a huge number of visitors who come to watch the massive street parades. And then there are the countless weddings, saints feast days, and random parades that fill the streets with music and song year-round.

4.      Foodie Heaven – Mexico is known for its fabulous cuisine. In every corner of the country, visitors can try mouthwatering street tacos, unique local spirits, and to-die-for churros, all at dirt cheap prices. But San Miguel is a food destination in its own right. Boasting restaurants headed by the former Executive Chef of the Hollywood Bowl and celebrated Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, this is the town culinary experts seek out to try out their latest ideas. True foodies will never want to leave.


5.      Shoppers Paradise – Known throughout the country as a hub for international artists and local artisans, San Miguel de Allende will tempt even the most shopping-averse traveler. The town’s 5 block long artisan market is chock full of local handicrafts from all over Mexico. Just north of town, Fabrica Aurora is an enclave of international artist studios and galleries. Walking through town, it seems every street reveals a hard-to-pass-by boutique or specialty food shop.

6.      Bursting with History – As the starting point of the Mexican independence movement and former home of the country’s favorite revolutionary hero, San Miguel de Allende is THE place to start delving into Mexico’s rich history. The town’s 450 years of history are revealed in the density of historic homes, churches, and museums in the few blocks radiating from the central square.

7.      Friendly People – Whether a local ice cream vendor or the expat owner of a café, San Miguel residents are always up for a chat. This is a wonderful place to be a solo traveler because meeting new people is a daily occurrence. In one week, you will already find yourself running into new friends on the street. And what interesting friends! Everyone in SMA has a unique story that they want to share.

8.      Slow Down – Sometimes the best part of getting away is being able to break from the race at home. San Miguel is a great place to sit back and take stock of life. Surrounded by so much beauty, how can you not stop, take a moment to sit on your balcony, and simply watch the world go by?