Welcome to Thailand, the gateway to Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai is a unique combination of city bustle and quiet natural escapes, ancient temples and hip cafes, all set amidst stunning scenery. Read about some of the highlights of the city.

2020 Programs

The experience

What is it actually like to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Where can one month take you? Thailand is all about discovering another speed of life, smiling to everyone you meet, and tasting new flavors every day. Together, our Venturers will dive right into Thai culture with a language and etiquette crash course and tour of Chiang Mai’s old city and temples. Throughout the program, we will walk with elephants during a day trip to an ethical sanctuary, learn to cook Thai food like pros on a sustainable farm, and most importantly, experience Thailand more deeply through skills-based volunteering. Check out one of our Venturer’s videos below, or set up a chat with the team to learn more about ‘a day in the life’.

Watch to see where can one month in CHIANG mai can take you

Partner Placement

We will match you with a personalized skills-based volunteer opportunity.  We match our Venturers with a project based on the needs of our organizations as well as the skills and interests of each participant.  Meet some of our partners and learn more about past projects, here!

Global Community

You will live, work and travel with a group of diverse remote professionals. Each week, in a group dinner participants have a chance to try a new local flavor, and get to know other participants in the program. We’ll discuss our experiences from the week and invite guests from the community to join us.  

Cultural Immersion

VWI is your cultural insider. We'll help you dig deeper into the local culture by providing you access to the best local events and by offering trips and activities for the whole group. You will also have the opportunity to learn Thai through immersion or through lessons arranged by VWI with a tutor. 


You will live in 2-3 bedroom apartments with private rooms (In Thailand, there is also an option to stay in a private studio). You have access to a workspace with high-speed internet. All of our apartments also have high-speed internet, backup internet, and dedicated workspace suited to working from home.

Support + Convenience

No-fret travel with full support. VWI staff will be available throughout the program, beginning before participants depart for your destination to assist with booking flights, information on visas, vaccinations, etc. In country, staff is available to support for any need.

Program Fee

Travel is an investment in oneself. The one-month program fee for Chiang Mai is $2,000, with a discount for each additional month. All signs ups 4+ months in advance will receive a $250 discount on program fee.


Can’t get away for a month? Join us on a one-week retreat

Click the images below to learn more about our one-week retreats in Thailand.