Meet the team that helps make Venture with Impact possible!  Together, these individuals work to make remote work and volunteering possible for professionals in new cultures, exposing them to new people and ideas so that they may be more informed and empathetic world citizens, and in the process, provide a positive social impact.


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Ann Davis

Founder & CEO

Cancer survivor, lady boss, and wander-luster, Ann traveled to over 40 countries before founding Venture with Impact. Travel is always about balance, so Ann stays active wherever she goes. Yoga in Thailand anyone?

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Jess Charwin

Director of Marketing

After leaving her corporate job in New York to join the Venture team, Jess has never looked back. A self-proclaimed foodie, she spends her free time in search of the best street food and local coffee wherever she roams.

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Michelle Raffanti

Business Development Manager

Continuing her career in travel and social entrepreneurship, Michelle joined the Venture with Impact crew this summer. A food and culture junkie at heart, she relishes exploring cities on foot and collecting tips from locals. 


Tai Barroso

Director of Experience, Portugal

An avid learner and a always-curious-soul who advocates with good humor. 
This Brazilian social entrepreneur is making friends pretty much 
anywhere she goes. Portugal is the 5th country she calls home on this 
search for fun and good stories to tell.

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Lindsay Chandler

Director of Experience, Colombia

Philadelphia native, world traveler, Lindsay, now lives as a permanent expat in Medellin, Colombia. A former gallery owner and visual artist, she loves to show off the creative side of her adopted home.

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Lagle Moik

Brand Ambassador

Originally from tiny Estonia but a Londoner for the past 13 years. After her corporate career, she is embarking on a new journey and wants others to experience a similar positive impulse to rediscover purpose for change, innovation and discovery.

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Plang Sudthivivat

Program Assistant, Thailand

Plang is a Chiang Mai resident who is dedicated to showing visitors to his city how to travel, eat and live like a local. He is an avid boardgamer and the host of travel vlog, Plang’s World.

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Ed Johnston

Brand Ambassador

Travel, game, eat and repeat. Ed is a former commercial diver, turned software engineer, who joined the VWI staff after experiencing the VWI journey as a ‘Venterer’. When on the road, Ed takes pleasure in noticing the small things and swimming all of the seas.